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If you have any questions about what it is we do, please get in touch, here are a few of the most common questions we get asked.

Can you supply firewood?

       -Yes! We produce an awful lot of waste wood, and we are happy to deliver to your door. We supply a cubic metre bag of mixed logs for £60 (plus 5% VAT) delivered, £50 (plus 5% VAT) for collection. The wood is likely to be green but will be great to burn if stacked for a few months.  


Can I buy shavings and sawdust from you?

     - As with firewood, we produce a lot of sawdust and shavings, please call to discuss this.


Is your timber from the island?

      -Our preference is to source our timber on the island, however sometimes we are forced to find our wood elsewhere to ensure our supply.


Do you buy trees felled in private gardens?

     -We have in the past bought trees from private homes, however it can be complicated so please give us a call.    



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